May 2018, Bookshelf and Reading List

May 2018 · 3 minute read · Author: Vignesh Krish

This is a new type of post which I’ve been ruminating about lately. There are so many informative articles, books, papers and books out there that it is difficult to not only bookmark them but also have notes on them. This is a little experiment in shedding light on a few choice articles, papers and my current reading list whilst collecting them in a place that won’t possibly be taken down.

I’ve been quite intrigued by economics lately. I stumbled upon this book through another article discussing a book called Radical Markets. The article I’ve linked tries to shed light on efficient markets and how they would work. Definitely an interesting read if micro-economics and market behaviours are interesting topics for you.

This is the transcript of a talk by Richard Hamming from way back in 1986. Richard Hamming was a mathematician known for his work in computer science and telecommunication. If you are aware of signal processing, Hamming window is named after him. The transcript of Richard Hamming’s talk deals with research. The talk is about great research and research. It’s is a thoroughly motivating talk on what separates the great work in a field from other work in the field and what describes great people and their work in research and building things consistently.

I’ve been working on a few projects which involves units or at least would be much better if there was checks for units. This made me stumble upon a few similar libraries that help in using units in the process. To be warned, the addition of units, even though useful still adds a bit of overhead to the overall computation since this being Python. I’ve not performed any tests on how much overhead the addition of units to the computations through these libraries add but that is a great blog post for the future.

A very detailed and critical outlook into why block-chains are hard and why there is quite a lot of hype around them. There is a lot of issues in building decentralised systems that are reliable, trustworthy, and fast especially around block-chain as a technology. This article goes into the shallow waters explaining what makes them interesting and what makes them difficult to work with and why they are hyped for many a so industries. Definitely a great read on one of the most interesting technologies to come out recently.

Interesting Papers I’ve Queued Up

I’ve queued up a bunch of papers that I am yet to thumb through in my personal research list. This is a small snapshot of what is waiting. Hopefully some of them are quite interesting to you too:

My current bookshelf